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Living Waters Spa

13340 Mountain View Rd.

Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240

760-329-9988 (8am-8pm PST)


Self-discovery and Personal Growth at Living Waters Spa


DESERT HOT SPRINGS -- Ever feel like you need to do something new? Something
truly exotic, wild and transformative?

Think you need to go breathless on one of the world’s greatest mountain peaks, jump out of a plane or go deep-sea diving with sharks? That takes an awful lot of energy, right? It takes a ton of cash and, hey, it’s actually pretty cliché. You haven’t done it, maybe, but you know someone who has.

Really, to have a transformative experience, all you need is a couple bucks and the energy it takes to lounge on a pool chair.

So where’s the thrill, the breakout performance, the life alteration?

Well, you might find your heart in your throat when, for the first time in
your adult life, you’re lying poolside buck naked. Walking around a spa
without a stitch of clothing, chatting with other guests in their birthday
suits. Letting it all hang out.

Think you have the guts for a vacation like this?

Ask yourself if you are prepared for self-discovery and personal growth, and
if the truthful answer is yes, then know that Living Waters Spa is an
amazing venue for your adventure into yourself.

First, Living Waters is clothing-optional. That means you can ease into your
nakedness, and no one will judge you one way or the other.

When you do expose yourself, it will be to the sun-kissed desert sky, the
mountain air, and pools of natural hot mineral water. When you strip away
your protective barrier and open up, literally and figuratively, a new you
can emerge. You can gain clarity, insight and understanding. Practice
self-love and reverence. You can become patient with yourself. Gain
confidence. Who knows what can happen when you allow yourself to be as you
truly are?

Plan the details of your own retreat, or allow Living Waters to support you
with bodywork and life coaching. Your stay at the spa can be as hands-on or
hands-off, as public or private as you’d like, but it will always be in a
safe environment of acceptance and care.

In the resort’s peaceful rooms, you won’t find a TV to distract you or help
you procrastinate, just a custom king-size bed to envelop you in fine linens
and extra-large feather pillows. You can request a full kitchen, grill
poolside or blend up a juice fast.

At 100 degrees, the therapy pool is perfect for long soaking. Living Waters
Spa pumps 20 gallons a minute from an underground lake. This mineral-dense,
odor-free elixir is a natural phenomenon that attracted Native Americans to
this area hundreds of years ago and today draws health-conscious visitors
from all over the world.

Stretch out in the spa’s larger mineral-water pool. You can swim laps or
float on a noodle; it really doesn’t matter. Many guests enjoy the contrast
of rotating between these two pools and Living Waters’ Finnish-style dry

Massage is a powerful means of body awareness. Allow a Living Waters
therapist to guide you on a journey that safely detangles your muscular
system, smoothes frayed nerve endings, revs up circulation and lymphatic
flow, focuses you on your breath and your heart and your own healing powers,
quiets your mind and ultimately catapults you into bliss.

Think you need a snazzy souvenir of your vacation, a lion’s head from your
safari or photo atop Mt. Everest? How about a revived, restored, rejuvenated
new you – without bikini lines?

About the spa: Living Waters Spa’s nine guest rooms and

massage studios retain their Mid-Century Modern spa-tel
character. The spa’s two pools are fed directly from a hot-water aquifer;
the spa pumps 20 gallons a minute, 18 hours a day, from its own well. Living
Waters offers massage and spa treatments; a dry sauna; breakfast and
afternoon hors‘d oeuvres.

Contact Living Waters: For more information about Living Waters Spa or
questions about your first clothing-optional experience, call (760) 329-9988
or (866) 329-9988. The Web site is www.livingwatersspa.com.