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Living Waters Spa

13340 Mountain View Rd.

Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240

760-329-9988 (8am-8pm PST)



Life Changing

OMG! Jeff and Judy's workshop is AWESOME! My wife and I learned some really fantastic ways to enhance and deepen our relationship. We highly recommend this for any couple, even those who have been together awhile. Bring an open mind and a willingness to learn.

Dan & Stephenie


This couples intimacy coaching experience was our first and it has changed our lives forever. We didn't know what to expect but Jeff and Judy immediately put us at ease.  They were very caring and classy in their approach.  Our couple's session was incredible, full of loving guidance and eroticism. We both had a full body awakening.  After 25 years of marriage, we have fallen in love all over again but on an enhanced sensual level.

Afterwards we were able to enjoy the natural mineral spa. We had the opportunity to meet and enjoy other wonderful guests.


Bill and Diane


A Life Changing Experience

My wife and I have been married for nearly 40 years. We have had a great marriage filled with love, children, and a GREAT sex live. As we aged, many of the things we used to enjoy became undoable due to age and aliments. For our anniversary we decided to go to LWS and meet with Jeff and Judy to discuss our issues and to find out if they had any advice on how to enhance our sexuality again.

In November we went to LWS and met with Jeff and Judy. They taught us techniques on how to really pleasure one another. They did it in a manner that was professional, sensitive, and very informative. It was clinical but felt like old friends giving you advice on life. My wife and I learned more about each other physically and sexually in two hours than we had learned in nearly 40 years of marriage. In fact, both of us agreed that we wished we had met with Jeff and Judy 40 years earlier.

Our time at LWS was truly a life changing experience. We have already registered for the LWS couples retreat in February. My recommendation would be for everyone to attend Jeff and Judy's couples therapy and the couples course. I also recommend spending time at the LWS, it is one of the most peaceful places on earth.


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