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Living Waters Spa

13340 Mountain View Rd.

Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240

760-329-9988 (8am-8pm PST)

Social Massage

Everyone has had a back rub and many have had a professional massage.  Our social massage (sometimes called a "group massage") offers a unique opportunity for you to not only experience the relaxing touch of a massage but to participate in giving a life-affirming touch to others.

What should you expect?  What people experience varies from person to person.  A common experience is total relaxation.  To have several pair of hands touching you at the same time is exquisite!  For some it is a powerful emotional sense of acceptance and love never before felt, for others a flood of joy and peace.  It will be a massage different from all others you’ve had because you are more than a receiver; you are also a giver.

Guidance: The group will be guided, and massage strokes that you will learn and use during the massage will be demonstrated.  It isn’t important that we become “experts” at massage.  What is important is the good loving touch that we use to affirm each other.

Communication:  Instead of being passive you will be encouraged to tell others what you like and dislike.  As a giver you’ll be “checking in” with the receiver to see if they are getting what they enjoy or what they requested.  This builds trust and deepens the experience.

Emotions:  Laughter, joy, peace and serenity are frequently found in a social massage.  

Benefits:  Simply put, a social massage is AMAZING!  Many folks have rarely experienced a touch that was only intended to bless not hurt, that is positive and not negative.  Some have had a hard time accepting and appreciating the human body (including their own) and this type of experience broadens their perspective.  Also in regular massages you only receive – social massage adds a new dimension in which you are also a participant in ministering good touch.

Boundaries:  Each person must tell the group where they prefer not to be touched.  Prior areas of injury must be avoided or touched with great care.  There are often “ticklish” spots (feet, stomach, etc.) that some people have.  However, these spots are frequently discovered to be areas of stress and it is beneficial if they can be de-sensitized by loving touch.  This is not a sexual massage.

Answers to your questions:

Q: I’ve never really given a massage before. Will I be able to participate?

A: Yes, your ability to give good touch doesn’t depend upon technique or skill.  Good touch comes from a desire to give affirmation to another.  We will teach you basic massage strokes and guide the group.

Q: I have tried to give a massage before and found that it hurt my hands.  Can I still participate even if I don’t have the strength to give a good massage?

A: Yes, and we’ll show you other ways to give a good massage that won’t hurt yourself.  It is critical that those who give good touch are not hurting themselves in the process.  Those massaging should also be having a good experience as they give a meaningful good touch to another.

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