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Living Waters Spa

13340 Mountain View Rd.

Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240

760-329-9988 (8am-8pm PST)


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Erotic massage workshop could spark up your love life

Maggie Downs The Desert Sun


A couple disappears under satiny sheets and within 30 hot, steamy seconds, they explode with passion.


What happens if that's not the reality for your sex life?


The quality isn't there for some couples, while others lack the quantity. Others have physical issues that hamper their sexual health, while others simply don't feel sexy.


A weekend workshop at Living Waters Spa in Desert Hot Springs can bring sexy back into your life. The two-day experience enhances relationships by helping people reconnect with their partners.


The workshop is facilitated by licensed massage therapists Judy and Jeff Bowman at their clothing-optional resort.


The workshop provides a safe and friendly environment where people can talk openly and learn about sexuality. It is for monogamous couples, whether they have been together for two months or 40 years.


"It may sound like something taboo, but where else can you go for this kind of information?" Jeff Bowman said. "You could watch pornography, but that's not real. Or you could watch a Hollywood movie, and that's not real either.


"This is an open and honest place for couples to learn new tools for their toolbox of romance."


Although the workshop is held in a group environment, it is limited to eight couples.


The lights are dimmed. The couples are stationed in their own "nest" area. Participants remain focused on their partners.


Friday night is a standard couples massage workshop, which sets the stage for the next day's classes.


"It's a big step for people to come to an erotic massage workshop, and we respect that," Judy Bowman said. "So the first day is all about relaxing."


Saturday is all about deepening the bond between the couples.


First is the woman's hour, during which the man focuses completely on his partner. This time is spent learning sensual touch, eye gazing, gentle bodywork and tender talk.


Later that night is the man's hour, which is spent learning techniques to prolong pleasure and enhancing sensation.


"For both partners, it's all about the journey, not about the climax," Jeff Bowman said.


The workshop also includes an open dialogue, where people can share their stories about sexuality and ask questions.


"People get into patterns and sex becomes almost scripted," said Jeff Bowman, who has owned the spa with his wife since 2003. "We show people how to make it a sacred, joyful experience again."


The couple has been hosting the workshops a couple times a year since they opened their spa in 2003.


"We haven't had a disappointed couple yet," Jeff Bowman said. "When people leave here, they have bonded and grown closer to their partner, and that's what it's all about."


Maggie Downs is a features reporter for The Desert Sun.


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