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Living Waters Spa

13340 Mountain View Rd.

Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240

760-329-9988 (8am-8pm PST)

Breast Cancer  


Judy, along with her husband Jeff, owns the Living Waters Spa and Judy is a breast cancer survivor -- here is her story...


In 1992 I heard the words most women dread, Im sorry, it is cancer.

Jeff and I were about to move 350 miles to a new job for him with our 4 children, ages 8-15. We all made appointments for routine physicals with our familiar doctors before the big move. At my exam I asked my physician whether or not I should get a mammogram; I was 38. He hesitated but said okay. Later on the afternoon of the test I received a call from him, saying there was something on the film, and he had made an appointment for me to see a surgeon two days later. I naively was not worried, and continued working toward our move, which by now was only 10 days away. Jeff wisely suggested we stop packing until we saw the doctor. When we saw him he said he wanted to schedule a biopsy, which we were able to do that coming Monday. In recovery was where I heard those words, Im sorry, it is cancer.

Those words caused our world to stop and we quickly became knowledgeable about the disease. My path became a mastectomy and tram flap reconstruction a month later, followed by 6 months of chemotherapy. Jeff, my family and friends were wonderfully supportive.

Fast forward to the present time. I can proudly say that I am a Survivor. I have been able to go along the journey with a number of friends and guests as they dealt with the disease. Theres something about the understanding you can only get from someone who has been there.

So in celebration, we would like to embrace other breast cancer survivors and offer them an amazing deal at our resort.  If you are a survivor, we offer you a 25% discount on room rates!

Come and celebrate life with us.












Wilbur Hot Springs

Two Bunch Palms



Did you Know:


 Most breast cancers occur in the upper outer quadrant of the breast.


 Breast cancer is very curable if detected early.


Men can get breast cancer too!