Desert Hot Springs Meditation

By Heidi – after she spent the weekend at Living Waters Spa












The desert holds the sun in its heart, the moon in its soul.

Time began here in this endless stretch of Earth.

Ancient, cracked and wrinkled.

Old oaks and shrubs,  baked and well done.


Somewhere down deep there lies

Soothing relief from toil

A cavern of liquid minerals,

Warm and Dark


Soft,  welcoming waters

Soaked into my tissues

And entrained my body

To their sweet earthy frequency


The surrounding Universe came in closer

As I lay there limp

A tremor of joy

Rushed through my Senses


I had never seen the moon so bright.

As it rippled through the palms’ green frawn-fingers

I felt Her light upon my skin

Her Electric blue-moon body

Of simple, quiet beauty


As I surrendered more deeply

Frenzied thought-forms


Drained into the earth below

And She rocked me

Gently into the night